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Carrie E. Lupoli (USA)

Carrie graduated from the University of Connecticut in the United States in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education. In 1998 she received her Masters of Art in Special Education and in 2002 she received a Masters of Education in School Administration and Leadership.

Carrie has worked as both a special educator and administrator in the United States prior to starting Live and Learn. As an inclusive special educator in mainstream schools, her duties included working as a co-teacher in inclusive classrooms, administering diagnostic assessments and offering individual remediation services. She was also responsible for the supervision and training of numerous Support Specialists in the field. Her leadership roles included supervising special education teachers working in inclusive schools as well as consulting with area schools to improve their inclusive and differentiated practices.

Carrie co-founded Live and Learn in Singapore in 2008 due to the lack of appropriate services for children in their mainstream classrooms. Carrie has been described as the “ground breaking founder” with regards to inclusive education and how to support every child individually. Her experiences in the US and overseas have provided her with credible and practical knowledge of how to improve inclusive education practices so ALL children can succeed. In addition to her work with Live and Learn, she consults with schools world wide, was the lead contributor for a Master’s Level Curriculum for an online special education degree and is currently co-authoring a practical training guide for international schools to improve their ability to effectively educate all students.

In addition to the acclaim she has earned as an international educator, Carrie has been a noted parenting expert and has served as the spokesperson for the “Power of Play” for Mattel Fisher Price. She recently signed on as the official “Chief Mum” for www.MumCentre.com, a family of parenting websites in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. Along with her energetic and dynamic speaking engagements around the world, she has also written various articles on the topic of effective parenting as well and is authoring a book on practical strategies for encouraging healthy childhood development. Carrie’s goal is to help parents around the world improve their skills to raise powerful individuals in an ever changing world! “Like” her professional Facebook Page for regular parenting tips and strategies!

Carrie has lived the expat life in Europe and Asia and has recently repatriated back to the United States from where she oversees her Singapore corporation  with her incredible South-East Asian based management team.  She also has been able to grow her business westward to the US where she is consulting on educational and parenting issues.  Carrie has been married to Peter for more than a dozen years.  Together they parent two energetic fashionistas…Grace (Age 7) and Ellie (Age 6) and a fluffy, adorable but troublesome puppy, Raleigh!

Follow Carrie and her work through the Live and Learn Blog, Twitter page @CarrieLupoli,Facebook Page and Pinterest links!

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